Thursday, January 19, 2017

More Dean Says

Dean: Being a pill
Trevor: Three year olds, am I right?
So...Exhibit A.

Dean really likes the song "Giants Fall" by Francesca Bettistelli. The chorus is "So don't be afraid of giants in your way; with God you know that anything's possible. Step into the fight, he's right there by your side. The stones inside your hand might be small, but watch the giants fall." Dean has been asking about what the words mean:

Dean: What's "don't be afraid."
Me: It means to not be scared and to trust that God will take care of you.
Dean: I don't want God to take care of me.
Me: You don't? Who do you want to take care of you?
Dean: I want Jesus to take care of me.
Me: OK, well that's basically the same thing.
Dean: When we go to His church, we'll ask Him if He can take care of me.

That conversation just happened right now and I wanted to write it down, so I would remember. While I was typing, I hear Dean say, "I'll feed him the rest of my yogurt." I looked over, and he was holding out his spoon to Ian, who was in fact eating Dean's yogurt. Then, Dean ran to the kitchen, grabbed a towel, and wiped Ian's face off (perhaps a little too vigorously). What a sweet big brother!

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